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As a Homoeopath I have the opportunity to prove remedies. (Proving is having your own personal experience of a substance so that you have some firsthand knowledge of how it may be of benefit for clients). There are several different methods to choose from to do this. I have chosen trituration.

Trituration is the grinding and scraping of a substance with a dry carrier, such as sac lac, in a mortar and pestle. The trituration process is described by Hahnemann (the founder of Homoeopathy in his book “The Organon”.


The grinding and scraping of the substance is time consuming. It provides ample opportunity for the prover to gain access to information contained within the substance through resonance.

The process of trituration is a deeply meditative exploration. It gives direct access to the dynamic nature of the substance in a stepwise fashion, disclosing the essence of the substance. It allows the important features of the substance to come to the surface, allowing the symptoms to be experienced in a deep and personal way by the prover.


The books are a testament to my experiences while proving while proving the following remedies:


Olive Leaf



By the very least, I was surprised at the internal stepwise process that took place for me while I was making these remedies. It was as if I was on a journey, similar to a shaman journey.

It provided what I call spiritual truths.


I felt that these journeys had to be shared. Now I can share these spiritual truths with you through the books.

I hope you enjoy.


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